I am delivering beautiful digital products
I provide high quality and cost effective services
Art Direction

I apply a collaborative approach to deliver customized solutions. UX remains at the forefront of my creative process.

UX Design

My holistic approach to ux design ensures that all apps are developed to further the growth and success of your business.

Visual Design

I create tailored and carefully designed user interfaces that consider a real human behaviour and human interaction.

Unique. Pixelperfect. Creative.

I approach each project with the same curiosity I had when I was a kid, just with a bit more experience.

My Services

I am idea-driven, working with a strong focus on design and user experience. My projects should engage your audience, I want to create wonderful digital products that people love to be part of and use.

Art Direction

Corporate Design
Logo Development

UX Design

User Flow
User Journey

Visual Design

Website Design
Screen Design
3D Design

Graphic Design

Packaging Design


With my extended Adobe Creative Cloud skills, I’m capable of tasks beyond the role of a UX designer and will be able to communicate effectively within every development team.

  • Trigema
    Trigema Online Shop

    Art Direction

  • Rossmann Online Shop
    Rossmann Online Shop

    Art Direction

  • HSE24 Online Shop
    HSE24 Online Shop

    Art Direction

  • Tchibo Online Shop
    Tchibo Online Shop

    Art Direction

  • SAP Gantt Chart
    SAP Gantt Chart


    Case Study Skipper


  • EWE Online Portal
    EWE Online Portal

    Art Direction

  • Kelloggs
    Kellogg's Microsite

    Screen Design

Prototyping, testing, "failing many times but quickly and cheaply in order to succeed" are different existing methods to test solutions, but the earlier users can give feedback, the lower the costs for the organizations and the higher the level of adaptation of the solution to customer needs.

Adobe Photoshop - 25 years Experience

Adobe Illustrator - 20 years Experience

Dreamweaver - 20 years Experience

HTML5 - 8 years Experience

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